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Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Because quartz kitchen countertops provide durability, style and a huge range of designs they have become one of the most desired kitchen countertop finishes, if your budget can include for it. Further to this their intrinsic durability, coupled with their low maintenance makes them one of the best options for a kitchen countertop. Quartz is so durable that you can actually cut directly on the countertop however, we still recommend an appropriate chopping board, so your knives stay in service for longer. Contact us today if you would like to know more about our quartz worktops.

Perfect Pre Fabrication

We can install our range of quartz countertops in any kitchen. Whether your walls are smooth skimmed plaster or stone finished in a cottage we can fit your countertop. Our team members will simply come to your kitchen and produce a stencil if you have unusual finishes next to the location of the countertop. Your countertop will be perfectly prepared for you. All angles and general cuts of the template will be executed perfectly. Any cuts required to install any service(s) or feature(s) will also be prepared during manufacture. We will then bring the finished product to your home where it can be installed both quickly and accurately.

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Contact Granicol Ltd Today

Contact us today to discuss the various options we can provide for you with our range of quartz kitchen countertops. Our team will discuss your project and draw up a specification suited to your requirements. We can also offer free, no obligation quotations.

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