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Alternate Worksurface Materials

Engineered stone provides options for alternate worksurface materials that provide both visual beauty as well as extreme durability. These options are so durable that they outcompete other natural stone options. Further to this, these options also offer clean non-toxic surfaces that do not require sealing or ongoing maintenance outside of general cleaning.

Dekton Counters

Dekton is an engineered stone, it is made by blending porcelain, quartz, and glass. This results in an extremely low maintenance material that simply requires routine wiping after use. Dekton offers a waterproof surface that is both fire and heat resistant. Dekton is also extremely stain resistant and even handles exposure to UV, meaning it can be used in exterior kitchen areas. Further to this, Dekton is highly scratch resistant. If you would like to enquire about our range of Dekton worksurfaces get in touch.

Grey Dekton Work Surface
White Marble Effect Worktop In Garden Kitchen

Lapitec Counters

Lapitec is also an engineered stone material. It provides extreme hardness and requires specialist tools for cutting and drilling it. Lapitec compares very well to its natural alternatives such as granite, quartz, and marble. It will actually outcompete these options when it comes to durability. Lapitec is a sintered stone, therefore, it does not require any form of sealant. Because of this intrinsic waterproofing and durability servicing is virtually non- existent. This also means no sealing chemicals, or maintenance time is required.

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